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United States
Mechanical Engineer.
I do a variety of things, but mostly stick to chainmaille.


Wallet V2.0 by SkepticRaven
Wallet V2.0
Carefully measured and with tips taken from my first iteration (mostly minimizing the number of overlapping layers).
This picture is taken after about 2 months of usage.
Flat Full Persian Graduated Earrings by SkepticRaven
Flat Full Persian Graduated Earrings
So it has been awhile since I've made a full chainmaille project (since leather got in the way).
Today, I picked up my pliers to get back into weaving. The result was playing around with a graduated (size-varying) design.

Rings are:
0.048" WD 1/4" mandrel
0.048" WD 15/64" mandrel
0.040" WD 15/64" mandrel
0.040" WD 7/32" mandrel
0.040" WD 13/64" mandrel

0.032" WD 3/16" mandrel
0.032" WD 11/64" mandrel
WIP Leather Glove by SkepticRaven
WIP Leather Glove
Got the first glove done.
It will not fit anyone with hands larger than mine, as it is a rather tight fit. Middle and ring fingers need a bit of work to ensure full mobility of the digits.

This glove should work very well for archery.
WIP Fitted Leather Glove by SkepticRaven
WIP Fitted Leather Glove
First time making a glove. Leather probably isn't the best choice of material. It is, however, coming together fairly well.
All hand sewn, since my sewing machine cant handle the sharp turns with leather.

On a similar note, sewing is more awesome when I get to use my anvil [for the awl-style punch I sharpened out of some wire].
WIP Welded Elfsheet Belt by SkepticRaven
WIP Welded Elfsheet Belt
Top is a section of my existing belt. Bottom is a section of the WIP.

Working on refining my ring-welding experience, I decided to remake my stainless steel elfsheet belt. I've had my current one for approximately 5+ years now, without need for repairs. I'm doing this more out of just interest in practice and to have a project to work on.

Welding consistently is difficult. Welding woven maille is no more difficult than welding a single ring [just some time delay so that I don't burn my fingers weaving in the next ring]. I have a small pile of failed welds - either rings that I had to cut off or rings that had portions just melt off.

As seen in the picture, freshly welded maille has a darker hue in comparison to the butted maille due to discoloration during the welding process. This significantly decreases as the rings rub up against each other. There is a color gradient between where I am currently adding rings and the start of the project.

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