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Bone Needle Test by SkepticRaven
Bone Needle Test
I attempted making a bone leatherworking needle because my metal one is a bit large for the weight of leather I obtained.
Unfortunately, the bone is too fragile and broke at the eye when I was sanding it to size.

I may revisit this with some steel wire that I have or perhaps even break down to purchase a new needle. Also should definitely pick up some different colored waxed thread. Blue doesn't really match the green leather too well. Currently have 2mm leatherworking needle, 2mm punch, 1mm awl, and 0.5mm waxed blue thread. Would like 1mm needle, 1mm punch, and 0.5mm black/green thread.
Leather Pouch by SkepticRaven
Leather Pouch
So I ended up getting a whole hide of this green 1mm leather at a flea market in Tenn. last week. Finally got around to tinkering around with it a bit.
Dimensions of the pouch are 15cm by 10cm pocket.
It was made by cutting out a rectangle and sewing it up the side when folded.

Some things to note on this first project:
1. My leatherworking needle does not match my awl.
2. Testing with punching holes vs drilling holes must be done before attempting to make gloves since there would probably be tearing propagation from the stitch holes with enough usage.
3. Leather is a very interesting material to work with.
Aluminum Chainmaille Cube by SkepticRaven
Aluminum Chainmaille Cube
A matte finished aluminum cube, structured with corners matching a standard issue weighted storage container.
Weave is Japanese 2 in 4, and the cube is solid, measuring about 3 inches per side.
Chainmaille Tie by SkepticRaven
Chainmaille Tie
Unfortunately, the tie cannot be tied and is a "clip on". Majority of the tie is Half Persian 3 in 1 sheet 6 seamed up the middle with a 3/4 Full Persian. Knot is Interwoven 4 in 1. Neck loop is European 4 in 1.

This tie is light enough to wear for multiple hours, despite being stainless steel.
Unassembled Paracord and Chainmaille Ring Belt by SkepticRaven
Unassembled Paracord and Chainmaille Ring Belt
All that is left is attaching the ring to the prolonged knot paracord. The knot is two continual strands from beginning to end [one black, one red].

Paracord knot is about 45" long and 1 1/8" wide.
Maille ring is 1 3/8" inner diameter and saw cut rings (to not catch/cut the paracord).


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Mechanical Engineer with interests in the subfield of robotics/control.
If you cannot tell from some of my pictures, I weave chainmaille.

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