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Mechanical Engineer.
I do a variety of things, but mostly stick to chainmaille.


Micromaille V2.0 by SkepticRaven
Micromaille V2.0
A friend was getting rid of some CAT5 cable, and I laughingly suggested that I could make some chainmaille out of it.
So here is the result (the copper) sitting next to my last visit to micromaille (tinned enameled motor wire). Both happened to be 0.008" diameter, but since the CAT5 was not enameled, it was much easier to work with.

0.008"WD x 0.036"ID copper.
For better perspective (for those that don't recognize the dime for scale), the diameter of the wire is roughly 2x the thickness of paper, and the 25 copper rings covers approximately 1/3rd of my pinky fingernail.
Overcast 2.0 by SkepticRaven
Overcast 2.0
Different mountain, similar skies.
Maybe if I find time, I'll stitch together the 360 panorama I have... but for now here is the south-facing image.
Tiny Shrub by SkepticRaven
Tiny Shrub
Finally getting the hang of manual focus and controlling focal depth.
I still need to work on fine-tuning the blurs just right to have a desired outcome.
Territorial Fiend by SkepticRaven
Territorial Fiend
This little critter was very vocal about how I was entering its territory.
First it started with cautiously munching on a nut glaring at me. As I came closer, it stopped chirped a couple times. Finally, it dropped the nut and began to be as threatening as a tiny creature can.

The skies didn't behave this past weekend, but the wildlife surely was out embracing spring-like weather.
Ocean Path Sunless Sunrise by SkepticRaven
Ocean Path Sunless Sunrise
Quite unfortunate that the sunrise was too cloudy in the far distance (only shades of blue, no reds).
Oh well. Still interesting to build a panorama of both sky and water. Sure it's only 4 images, but it sure was a beast to get correct.

Preprocessed (for color balance) in RawTherapee, stitched in OpenCV, cropped in Gimp.
As a note, you should check out the full size - 8624x4661. Top right image of the 4 was a bit out of focus (from not being able to use autofocus in the low light conditions), but everything else is pretty spot on.
Taken with Nikon D3200, 1/15s shutter, ISO 3200, 18mm, taken 4:41-4:43am on 2016-04-10.
GPS approximately 44.324041 N, 68.186324 W (Ocean Path in Acadia National Park).

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